Can I get white teeth at Target?

Crest Whitestrips Challenge

Teeth by sponsormetarget

I have always wanted to whiten my teeth. They are actually not that unwhite, but I am a sucker for commercials and hey, I smile a lot. I love those before and after pics in my dentist's office. But I remember once inquiring about the price and realizing it cost as much as the bus that takes my kid to school every day for an entire year.

I recently saw that the whitening strips have busted a move, offering to freshen your smile in just 5 minutes a day. I can handle that.

So today I started my whitening project. I promise to post before and after pictures - I even took a mouth close up today.

*My Crest Whitestrips box came with an offer for a $7 coupon AND (this is a big AND) got me a $10 Target gift card at check out!

So, wish me whiter teeth!

And if you want to take your own whitening challenge, I will be happy to post your before/after pictures too... just as long as you bought your products at Target of course.