Ahead of the times

Boots by sponsormetarget

Have you heard? The new trend? "Recessionistas" - and guess where they want to shop? My Target!!! At first I was upset - how can all the fancy shmancy ladies start walking around with my bags and shoes? They are exclusive! ... To people like us who know what you can find at Target. But then, I realized. Welcome. Come one, come all. The secret is out. A bag for $39.99 can look just as hot as one with four extra zeros. And we all need to save as many zeros as we can score right now.

Today's find is this cute boot. I somehow never have rain/snow boots. My kid are always all set and I step out in sneakers and get all soggy. Not this year. I found a bunch of boots and selected these because they actually have a heel. At 5 feet tall I value a heel on every shoe - plus these will work fine for business meetings too- under a pair of black pants they look pretty nice. Could have used these when I walked through Wall Street on a rainy morning a few weeks ago. Could have used a magic wand that day too.

And if you are feeling like you want to be a recessionista - follow this blog as well as the recessionista blog on my blog roll.