Wednesday: Target Home

Here is my Wednesday Wow picks for Target Home.

This shaggy rug was a great find. We had been looking for a nice rug for a long time - and when I say "nice" I mean one that looks great and can survive three kids and a cat. Under $100 (I think it was $79) I wasn't stressing about whether the rug would last for 10 years. We have had it now for probably a year and a half and it still looks great. The shags are free to go in whichever direction the family sends it and I love having a light-colored rug. It does fine with soap and water and so far, not a single stain (despite many spills.)

The trunk here is our coffee table. Inside it has great storage space where we keep all of our family photo albums. It has a place to put your hands in each side so that you can easily move it and the dark color and solid really make it a great peice.

We also found natural looking balls (these pictured smell like vanilla - hadn't seen those in the store) to bring together the various natural colors in the room. Our walls are pale blue but you can find bowls in many colors at Target- they have nice wicker ones or you can select a color to compliment your pillows, window treatments or more. Oh, the window treatments. I'll get to that next week!