Like Butta

I actually own a pair of Egyptian cotton pjs given to me once as a gift. I have a bit of a pj obsession - they are what I request for every birthday. I love to be comfortable.

So, as an expert, I can tell you that the Gilligan & O'Malley sleep pants and short-sleeve T are incredibly soft. You can get them in the store or online and you would not regret it. I love them also because they don't look like your husband's pjs, nor do they look like your 7-year olds. They look like they are made for a women who wants to sleep comfortably. So today's Bulls eye buy are Gilligan & O'Malley pajamas.
I do want to mention that I prefer the pants I linked to over here - I don't like big ties or poofy draw strings on any of my pants. There are several options however, so pick which works for you!

PS - every time I see "Gilligan"- I think of Gilligan of course, but when I see "O'Malley" I think of Grey's Anatomy. Not a bad thing.

PPS - I will admit here to having worn the pajama shirt out to a dinner - both the top and the pants can do double duty!