Can you say "consignment"

Hey all,

I am deviating. But since I am not yet sponsored by Target - I do shop elsewhere. I had to share this story.

I like second-hand clothing stores. Not afraid to say so. Have found lots of cute things there for the kids and some really nice things for me. Pray tell- what is the difference between a mint condition second-hand item and a hand-me-down from my shopping-talented sister-in-law?

The things I have gotten at second hand stores (ok, am told to call them "Consignment Stores") are some of the greatest work items I own. Guess that says something for quality brands. I don't know much about brand names - but it turns out the Nannette Lepore (didn't know it when I bought it) and a few other brand names I got from these stores look just as good second hand.

This brings me to my bag story. I went into a consignment shop I hit a few times a year (generally while on a long conference call) and found a bag that reminded me of my then-single hippy mom when I was a kid. Those were tough days for her but really happy ones for me and I just felt a connection with the bag. It was a little stained inside so I tried to negotiate the price. The store owner snorted and told me it was a something-something bag.

I liked it enough that I bought it (and a few other items - all for under $100) and left.

When I got home I looked up the name of the bag online. If you are into fashion the name Henry Beguelin will mean something to you. It meant something to me when I saw that his bags sell for $1-2K new and high hundreds on ebay! Fell off my chair.

So if you soon see a new listing from me on ebay you'll know why. But most likely you will see me carrying around a hand-made pocketbook that serves as a reminder one person's high priced bag is another's frugal fashion statement.

Note: The bag pictured is not the same bag I bought but similar.